The organization of the United Nations of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) , FAO supports Morocco's efforts in agricultural development and cooperate with the government in the development of policies, programs and projects to eliminate the causes of hunger and malnutrition.

The EU has provided funding for the implementation of MOSAICC in Morocco as part of the EU / FAO program on global governance and the reduction of world hunger.

The Digital Ecology Aquatic Ecosystems Department is involved in teaching biostatistics and aquatic ecology at the University of Mons. It has also developed expertise in developing scientific software. The service offers consultancy and specialized training

Université libre Amsterdam stands for high quality, fundamental, innovative and socially oriented research. The university has several research groups, that benefit from international recognition. These recent years, capacity and expertise have been pooled in large-scale programs, enabling interactions between different disciplines to be fully exploited.

UNICAN - Santander Meteorology Group is a research group formed by professors and researchers from the University of Cantabria, and the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and the National Research Council (CSIC, Instituto de Física de Cantabria FIAC) conducting research on topics related to weather, climate research, data mining, high performance computing,

Water Insight provides operational water quality remote sensing products and services. Remote sensing allows you to gather high resolution water quality products, both temporally and spectrally. Water Insight has expertise in processing satellite data for large areas and performing and supporting optical in situ measurements for detailed monitoring.